Social Media is Ruining The World.

Sometimes i sleep until 3 PM after setting my alarm for 8:30 AM. I reach for the phone and gasp at the time even though I should be aware that its mid afternoon by the amount of times I had pressed the snooze button. Life can be like that sometimes I suppose. As I press that snooze button I am getting temporary fulfillment but at 3 PM everything sets In. I am one of the sleepiest girls In the world and I am proud to admit that. As much as I love my sleep I hate the feeling of knowing I wasted my whole day In my bed. As part of my morning routine through my hazy eyesight I check my social media outlets. I scroll through various statuses about making an A’s on finals and pictures of girls enjoying lunch with their sorority sisters. I cant help but feel a bit down about my morning routine in comparison. I can barely fathom what It would feel like to be actually dressed and out in the world interacting with society as I pull the covers back over my head. I set my alarm for 3:05 and whisper ” 5 more minutes please.

Social media has a way of making even the best days seem dull in comparison to Kim Kardashian’s Yacht Adventures or The girl who is always doing cool photo shoots in the cutest clothes. Something i think about a lot is if social media is helping or hurting our society? For me, i think i feel envy a lot while browsing through everyone else’s status updates and cool pictures ( that i wont ever be able to take.) I feel the need to compare my life to everyone else’s so when Kelsey a girl i knew in 7th grade gets engaged and posts a video of it to her Facebook, my left hand begins to look bare to me. This is coming from a girl who is even unsure if she ever wants to get married at all. Social media has insane power of us that sometimes i don’t even think we realize. In the grand scheme of things i am letting a girl i haven’t talked to since 2006 make me feel inadequate without my own consent.

We must remember that we are all human beings with different life paths, and yeah maybe i slept until 3 PM today but tomorrow could be the day i take the cool picture and make everyone else feel dull in comparison. i once read a quote that talked about how social media is just a highlight reel of everyone’s life. It really stuck with me because of the trueness of the statement. i don’t know about you guys but not once have i ever took a perfect seflie on my first try. It usually takes me 30-40 tries and then i go on to add a filter to help cancel out my acne! To the outside world it looks like i held out my camera snapped a pic and uploaded it right to my social media accounts.

We all must remember that no one is perfect! We all make comparisons and we all feel inadequate at times. IMG_2184

Everyone is just walking each other home. ” – Ram Dass.